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"Oh you've all been naughty children…uh ho ho ho~" -Bokutachi-san

Bokutachi-san is the main antagonist of the Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls series.

He makes his first debut in Episode 2 when he breaks into Hitoshi's house to abduct him, in which he is also shown to have a strong liking to Hitoshi-san.


He has short messy caramel brown hair and is often shown with a shadow over his eyes, even if his eyes are visible. When his eyes are revealed, it is navy blue in color.

Bokutachi san wears a basic turtleneck shirt with long sleeves with gloves, pants, and shoes all of the same black color.


His first appearance was in Episode 2, where he was shown breaking Hitoshi-san's glass window to get inside his kitchen, successfully doing so; the first thing he does is kidnap Hitoshi-san by carrying him to his blue-colored van and drives away to his secret lair.

While the duo, Raku and Koneko finish shopping at Kawaii underwear chan store they heard Hitoshi screaming for help which they was coming from in a blue van so they both chased the van in an attempt to save him.

When the kidnapper arrived, he planned to have "fun" with Hitoshi. Hitoshi and Bokutachi's eyes met and Hitoshi couldn't help but to stare at his blue eyes, and that's when he started to fall in love with his kidnapper, which suggests he may have developed Stockholm syndrome. This is interrupted when Raku-chan and Koneko-chan broke his window into his place to rescue Hitoshi. Raku and Koneko freed Hitoshi from the ropes and tied up the kidnapper. After this he doesn't really appear very often; however, he sometimes makes a few cameos in Hitoshi's daydreams, along with some minor appearances leading up to their reunion. It's confirmed that Bokutachi and Hitoshi are a couple in the final episode, which is what ends up breaking Raku-Chan heart, killing her in the process.

Although he made an appearance in Kurisumasu Supesharu, the Christmas special that came between episodes 7 and 8, the subtext and reaction Hitoshi-san gives to seeing him in episode 9 suggests that Hitoshi hasn't spoken to Bokutachi since Episode 3. If this is the case, the entire Christmas episode is most likely non-canon.

Name Etymology[]

Bokutachi (僕たち) means Us, referring to how he wanted it to just be him and Hitoshi-san.



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Hitoshi-san is his boyfriend and he and Hitoshi are shown to be deeply in love with each other ever since they first met.

Hitoshi and Bokutachi-san first met each other in episode 2 when Bokutachi breaks into Hitoshi-san's kitchen by smashing his glass window with force and kidnaps him shortly after that happens in an attempt to try to have "fun" with him. Hitoshi and Bokutachi's eyes met, but Hitoshi couldn't help but to stare at his kidnapper's blue eyes, and that's the moment where he fell in love with him. This moment was interrupted by Raku and Koneko-chan breaking Bokutachi's window to save Hitoshi. After that, Hitoshi can't stop thinking about him and there are moments throughout the series that show Hitoshi-san fantasizing about Geoff at random times.

It is confirmed in Episode 10 that Hitoshi and Geoff are actually dating, and the cause of Raku-chan's heart breaking and death.



  • Bokutachi makes a quick cameo appearance in Episode 8 (4:44 on Youtube) in the background, stalking Hitoshi-san.