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Dolce-Chan is a minor character in Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls. She appears in Episode 1.5 as one of Raku-chan and Koneko-chan's friends. Not much is known about Dolce since she gets a limited amount of screen time.


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Dolce-chan is a cocker spaniel girl with fair skin just like the rest of the characters, with blush on both sides of her cheeks and she has big eyes colored aqua. She has short fluffy purple hair that ends at the bottom of her chin; her bangs appear to look similar to most characters. Since Dolce Chan is an inumimi type, she has a pair of fuzzy dog ears and a dog tail, both of which have a similar shade to her skin.

When Dolce goes to the pool with her sister Koneko-chan along with her friend Raku-chan, we can see her wearing a lavender bikini. It's unknown what she usually wears because she appears only once in Episode 1.5 which takes places in a pool setting.

Name Etymology[]

Her name Dolce, is of Latin origin and means "Sweet". Which she appears to be.


Koneko asks Dolce to come outside with her since it's nice and sunny outside. Raku-chan looks at her window and sees that it's very nice outside so she decides to go outside. She sees Koneko and Dolce chan and greets both of them, she suggests that they all go to the pool to have some fun outside in the nice weather. Hitoshi coincidentally meets Raku and Koneko at the pool and he notices that they brought along a new person, Koneko says "she my sister" which confirms that Dolce and Koneko are sisters, Hitoshi asks Raku if he wants to join him at the chairs, Raku agrees and Hitoshi calls Dolce a cock dog however it's confirmed by Raku that Dolce is a cocker spaniel. After this she is last seen when the three decide to leave, she has not appeared since.

Not much is really known about her since she only appears once in the show but apparently, it's confirmed that her and Koneko-chan are sisters despite being different species.



  • She is confirmed by Raku-chan to be part cocker spaniel but Hitoshi-san calls it a cock dog.
  • She is the only character without a voice.