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Koneko-Chan: Homecoming is an unofficial sequel to Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls made by Cherry-Chan (also known as NowInCherryFlavor).

Koneko-Chan: Homecoming is set 3 years after the events of Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls in a Cassette-Futurist 2013, mainly taking place in the Mexican-Japanese country of Catampas. The protagonist is Koneko-chan, who after suffering 3 years of depression due to the death of Raku-chan, receives a subtle sign from the goddess Amaterasu, decides to leave her home to start a new life in her homeland of Catampas with her family, and some new and familiar faces along for the ride.

Plot Summary[]


  • Koneko-chan (Homecoming): The best one out of them all of course!
  • Granada Dolce: Hater of squirrels and goer of bars, Dolce is the mute, cocker spaniel sister of Koneko-chan who likes being active and likes to roam Osatan mindlessly. She is loyal to her family, and has started fights over honor. Due to the way Inu are treated in Osatan, Dolce often wears a hoodie to hide her dog ears from the public.
  • Muguete Chan: Mother of Koneko and a woman of shiny things, Muguete is the wife of Leon who is opportunistic and has sticky fingers. Her past is mysterious to most, even to her children, in which she is connected to a rather shady group of people who she owes her life to. Like her daughter, she is a American Shorthair.
  • Leon Dolce: Father of Dolce and a man of the holy book, Leon is a Inu who has made a humble living for himself and his family. He has extensive knowledge on farming and plants in general. He is a optimist and always has the belief that good times will always come, even when it just cant. He is also known for smelling of tobaccnip.
  • Emelyanov Smoke (Емельянов Дым): Once a nekoan on the battlefield, Smoke is a siberian breed with a passion for cooking, and for his homeland of Alyuska. He is a strong, friendly nekoan who likes company, often likes to invite his friends over, and has a hobby for collecting things from his old homeland. His favorite pastime is to watch his favorite Alyuskan anime soap opera; Battlefield Schoolgirls.
  • Lubbock Mune A gal born and raised in Texas, Lubbock is the shortstack, tech-savvy girlfriend of Smoke who owns a technology shop called Technology Central. She is a hermit, preferring to spend her time with computers than with anybody else. She has a prosthetic left hand with a hard drive built inside that she made herself.
  • Perro: Once a respected man and a friend of Smoke, Perro is a perverted old man who "owns" a junkyard where he makes his living by collecting and selling junk. He has the ability to be able to talk and hold conversations with dogs and has a accent of sorts.


Each episode is written as a screenplay-like script with no official animated version planned as stated by Cherry-Chan. However, they have also stated that it is free for anybody to produce an animation version as long as credit is given. Aside from the writing style, over the course of writing, Cherry-Chan had thought of many ideas, but some of them had to be scrapped along production. For example, Osaka from "Azumanga Daioh" was planned to make a appearance in "Smoke's Night" but was replaced with Lubbock instead. Besides, Koneko was originally planned to have an Inu little brother and Dolce was to originally speak only in Japanese, but it was decided that it would be too hard to read properly.


Episode 1: "Amaterasu's Will"

Episode 1.5 (Non-Canon): "Shoes"

Episode 2: "Familiar Grounds"

Episode 3: "Hot Tea"

Episode 4: "Smoke's Night"

Episode 5: "Boiling Kettle"

Episode 5.5: "Battlefield Schoolgirls"

Episode 6: "Tropical Vacation"

Episode 7.5: "War of a World"

Episode 8: "Over Again"

Episode 9: "Yesterday's Memories"


Art made by passionate readers of KCH, and Cherry-Chan (Updated every once awhile)