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Nya-sempai is a old college friend of Raku-chan and Koneko-chan who makes her appearance at episode 10.


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She stands at average height, and has large, apple-green eyes. Her brown hair is cut into a short bob with delectable, pink frosted tips to top off her messy bangs.

She wears a V-neck shirt in the same shade of her bangs, and a simple short red skirt.


Not much is known about her, but she seems to be rather friendly with a cheerful, caring disposition.


She appears in a flashback and the party with other Raku's old college friends in Episode 10. During the party, she is seen holding a bowl of punch with a ":3" face on it. Otherwise she is unimportant to the story.

Name Etymology[]

  • Her name, “Nya” ( ニャー ) refers to the onomatopoeia of the sounds made by cats in Japanese.


  • She is implied to have a Facebook account as she heard the news of Raku-chan's sickness through the platform.