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Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls (ニャン~ 砂糖 猫 女の子, Nyan~ Satō Neko On'na Noko), often abbreviated by fans as NNSG, is a web anime series created by SoapOpera46 with a total of 11 episodes and a Christmas Special featuring the three main characters Raku-chan, Koneko-chan, and Hitoshi-san.

The series first started in 2010 and ended when the final episode, Episode 10 came out on 25th December 2012. It's unlikely a Season 2 will be released.



Majority of the cast are kept anonymous in the series, with only SoapOpera46 being the only known crew member who is in charge of the art and animation. Fans speculate that she may be also involved with the voice acting.



Despite the series' age, it has maintained a cult following.

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