Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls Wiki

The following is the complete set of transcripts for Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls.

R = Raku-chan

K = Koneko-chan

H = Hitoshi-san

V = Vet-sama

B = Bokutachi-san

Episode 1[]

R: Nya~ Don't you just love mochi ice cream, Koneko-chan?

K: Oh yeah. Mochi ice cream is very good, Raku-chan.

R: Desu! Ah, I'm really full now. C'mon, let's go home, okay? Nya~.

K: Ok, let's go home.

R: (gasps) Koneko-chan, look at that guy over there! Nya~ He's so sugoi~ desu~!!

H: Well I just happened to be walking by and I saw you two lovely ladies walking. How you doin' kawaii neko girls? Nya~ Rawr~

R: Nya- Nya- Nya-Nya- Nya!! what should I say?! Nya~ Nya desu! Nya~

H: Woah. What's wrong with her, huh?

K: Oh, she just gets like that after sometimes. Y'know, she really young.

R: Huh I should go say "hi" nya~

R: H-H-H-He-He-Hello there...e- e- n-nya~

H: Hi there! My name is Hitoshi-san.

R: Hitoshi-San? Oh nya~.. my name is Raku-chan nya~

H: And what's your name?

K: Oh, I'm Koneko-chan

H: Mhm!

K: Aha! Haha!

R: HAHAHA you guys are so funny! Nya!

R: That Hitoshi-San... He was so sugoi! Maybe I can treat him to ice cream, nya~ or maybe he would like to play with me at the park... Oh, I just hope I can see him again sometime. He's so sugoi! Nya~!

Episode 1.5[]

K: Ok, Dolce-chan let's go outside, Ok? it- we- we go in the sunshine y'know? Come on Dolce-chan.

R: Oh! It's a very nice day today! Oh! I gotta go outside!


Oh thank you very much! You so nice!

Oh! hey you guysdo you wanna go to the pool with me?

it's gonna be so kawaii~~ fun!! nya~~

K: oh.. yeah..., lets-.. lets go to the pool.


Ha! oh.. Oh!

It's Hitoshi san! Here's here at the pool.. So Sugoi! Nya~ ha~~ Oh! I have to hide! I don't want him to see me like this!! Nya~ Desu!! I go hide behind koneko chan. Nya~!!

H : well hey there nekos girls. nice to see you again. oh! looks like you brought along a.. friend.

K: ohoho! yeah she my sister

R : Oh! Hitoshi san! He-He Konichiwa~

H : Well hello there. I'm just gonna go over to the chairs. You wanna come?

R : Ha-Ha Of course I do! nya~ haa~ hah~... L-let's go desuu~!! Nya~!! Ha~..

H : oh, So I see your friend over there is cock dog huh?

R : Oh, No she actually a cocker spienel, ha!

H : Oh, so that's what their called nowadays, huh..

R : haha, I guess so! nya~

ha! ha! AHAHAHAHA~!

H : so.. how'd you.. become a neko girl?

R : Ho.. I was born that way, you see.. y'know? I-I never gained them, I just- I just.. came with them.

H : Was your mom a cat, and your dad was a person?

R: No! actually... my dad was the cat! Uhuhuhu! ha!

H : Ohohoho! I see..


oh.. I got to go home Nya~ good-goodbye Hitoshi san! Sayonara Hitoshi san~!

K : Oh.. goodbye Hitoshi san! we'll you see you later. ok?

H : Bye everyone! I'll see you later! Have a nice kawaii day. Nya~ Rawr~...

Episode 2[]

H: Ah..., what a nice morning is to eat some breakfast. I'm gonna go downstairs.

H: Ah, some nice Pocky and... Ramune~ My favourite! Well, time to chow down.


B: You're coming with me~ Muahaha oh~

H: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! What do you want with me?!

B: Now calm down Hun, I'm just gonna take you to my secret lair and we're gonna have some "fun~" if you know what I mean. huhuhu oh

H: AHH! Let go of me! No! Don't take me away to your secret place! I don't even know who you are! AHHHH!

R: Oh, Koneko-Chan, you have such kawaii underwear nya~ oh is so pretty and pinku! Nya~

K: Oh, Raku-Chan, your white underwear is very kawaii too nya~

R: OHOHO! Thank you very, very much! oh, Koneko-Chan, you flatter me so much! haha! Nya~ desu! oho! I can't wait to try on this kawaii underwear, nya~ desu! It's so kawaii!

H: ahh! Somebody help me!

K: Raku-Chan, did you hear that?

R: Oh! I-it sounded like Hitoshi! Is he in trouble?  Oh, we better go find him. c'mon Koneko-Chan.

Episode 3[]

R: Koneko-Chan, I think the man went this way! Let's go! Nya~

K: Over there, Raku-Chan. That's the man that took Hitoshi-San

R: Hitoshi-San... nya~ desu...

H: what are you gonna do with me? Get away!

B: Like I said, we're just gonna have some *fun* uhuhoh!

H: I'm not even supposed here. You have no right to hold me captive. There's freedom in this country. This is Americ- Japan.

B: I have stripped you of your freedom. Now get down on your knees. 


R: Hitoshi-San! We have come here to save you!

H: Raku-Chan! Koneko-Chan! I'm have never been this glad to see you!

R: Hitoshi-San! C'mon, let's go while we still can! Nya~ desu!

K: Yeah, what Raku-Chan said.

H: Arigato-Gozaimasu, you two. I'm very arigatoful!

R: ¡De nada, Hitoshi-San!

B: I would've had my way with him if it weren't for those meddling kodomos!

R: Oh, well we better be getting home now. It was good to see you again, Hitoshi-San. Sayonara. Nya~

H: Thank you so much for your brave deed. I will never forget this moment we are having right now. Sayonara, kawaii neko girls. Nya~ rawr.

Episode 4[]

K: (yawns) Hah. Nya~ it's very sunny outside today

R: Oh, I think I'm gonna go outside today! 

R: Oh, kawaii Squirrel-Chan! Oh so desu, nya~! 

R: Aw, so ni kawaii Squeakers-Chan you so desu and sugoi. oh so soft nya~ 

(Squirrel-Chan bites Raku-Chan)


R: Ah, Hitoshi, I really hope he's doing alright after the whole kidnapping incident and everything. Ah, Hitoshi-San (cough) (cough) I hope we can come- desu- just the three of us. Nya~ (cough) (cough)

K: Nya~ walking to the store~ mh mh mh mh lalalala laa... Oh hello there, Hitoshi-San, how are you doing today?

H: Well, hello there, Koneko-chan. You're looking very nice today, and I am doing fine.

K: Ohoho, thank you very much. Well, I just wanted to tell you that you know, Raku-Chan thinks that you're really sugoi nya~

("I Want You Back" by NSYNC starts playing as Hitoshi-san fantasizes about Kidnapper-kun.)

H: Oh, well, tell her that I say "thank you very much" nya~ and that "I appreciate her kindness."

K: Hitoshi-San, are you okay?

H: Oh, I'm fine. Don't worry about me one bit. Well, I better tell Raku-Chan that I think she's a really cool neko and that she's pretty downright sugoi.

H: Raku-Chan? Are you home?

R: (coughs) Oh, I really sick nya~. Hitoshi-San I'm very glad you came to see me. I really appreciate it. ah aha aha...

H: Raku-Chan, we brought you a present to make you feel better. Nya~ rawr

K: Get well soon, Raku-Chan

R: Oh! I love dancing sushi! Oh, Koneko-Chan! Hitoshi-San! You do so much for me! I don't even know if I deserve it. Thank you so much! Arigato! Nya~ Oh, I feel so much better nya~ thank you for all your help nya~

H: Don't thank us. It was our pleasure, Raku-Chan.

R: Ahaha! oh, you guys... desu...

R: Oh, I really wish I could just say that I'm ok. Nya~ desu...

Episode 5[]

R: (yawns) Nya~ Oh, my phone is ringing. Nya~ desu. I wonder if it's Hitoshi-San nya~

R: Hello nya~

K: Moshi moshi, Raku-Chan

R: Oh, konnichiwa, Koneko-Chan. How are you today? Nya~

K: I'm doing just fine, Raku-Chan. Well, I was gonna take you to the vet today to see if you're doing alright

R: Ahaha! Desu! That sound like a plan to me where we gonna go and see if I'm doing alright yeah. Oh, I hope it will just be a shot nya~. Ah, it's Hitoshi-San! He's here at the mall! oh sugoi desu...

H: Well hey there, neko girls, I was just about to go to your house, Raku-Chan, to see if you were doing A-OK. Nya~ rawr.

K: Konnichiwa, Hitoshi-San... Hitoshi-San?

("I Want You Back" by NSYNC begins playing at Hitoshi-San imagines Kidnapper-Kun)

B: Hitoshi...~

R: Nya~ kawaii Inu-Kun and Neko-Chan Nya~ so desu!

K: C'mon Raku-Chan. Let's go.

V: What seems to be the problem?

K: Raku-Chan's been feeling really weird lately so we decided to come here and see what was wrong.

R: Nya~ I got really sick but Koneko-Chan and Hitoshi-San pulled through for me nya~.

V: We're gonna take some tests on you, Raku-Chan. Just sit still for me. Thanks. 

R: Oh, ok nya~ desu

V: I'm sorry to tell you this, Raku-Chan, but you have a diagnosis. Rabies. Is there anything that may have caused this?

R: N-no... I don't think so... I can't remember anything that might have caused rabies- nya-.

K: You'll be ok, Raku-Chan. 

H: Don't worry, Raku-Chan, we're in this with you. You're not alone.

R: I thought it was gonna be ok... 

H: It's ok, Raku-Chan you're not alone and you'll never be alone. We're always here for you. You know that. You know that. You know that.

R: I really believe in you guys. Thanks so much. nya~ Hi-Hitoshi-San... Hi-Hitoshi-San, I-

K: Who wants mochi ice cream and green tea?

R: Oh, I would love some of that, Koneko-Chan nya~

H: That sounds pretty filling.

R: Ahaha! I'm so glad we could have fun just like old times  nya~

K: Ahaha! Oh Raku-Chan, wasn't that just five days ago?

R: Hahahah! Yeah it was, huh? Nya~ Koneko-Chan.

R: Oh, for some reason I feel really strange right now. Nya~ I- I really hope it's not the rabies... Nya~... It's like nothing I've ever felt before... Nya~ desu...

Episode 6[]

R: Nya~... I feel really weak. oh nya~. Maybe I should get some fresh air. desu. ah, nya~ ah...

K: Oh, I hope Raku-Chan likes my present. Huh!? Raku-Chan, what happened?!

R: Hi-Hitoshi-San? Oh, it's Koneko-Chan... Nya~

K: Are you okay,  Raku-Chan?

R: No... Nya~ ah nya~

K: I'm gonna go make you some green tea, okay Raku-Chan?

R: ok, nya~...

K: Nandesuka?! Where's Raku-Chan? 

K: Oh no... Raku-Chan is gone... Gone with the wind... 

R: I'm too much of a burden for Koneko-Chan and Hitoshi-San... Nya~ 

K: Hitoshi-San! It's Koneko-Chan.

H: Moshi moshi, Koneko-Chan. What's cookin', good lookin'?

K: Raku-Chan has gone missing. We need to go and find her. Nya~

H: What? We better go find her. Nya~ rawr

R: nya~ huh?

H: Raku-Chan, where are you?

K: Raku-Chan! Raku-Chan!

H+K: Raku-Chan!

K: C'mon Hitoshi-San. We have to find her.

H: Yeah, let's go.

Episode 7[]

神 = Kami-sama


R: Oh, nya~ oh, kamisama.

神: Raku-Chan, release your inner beast. You will find your true self and learn the values of good life and put them to use. Now go. Do what you have been told.

R: Nya~ desu...

K: Hitoshi-San we might never find her

H: Don't give up now, Koneko-Chan, Not after we've come this far. we gotta keep on truckin', keep moving on.

H: Huh? that man...

K: Hitoshi-San, vente aqui. That poor neko is being attacked by a large hoard of inus. We should go help it.

H: Right-O, Koneko-Chan. That sounds like a swell deed on your part. you are so righteous. Nya~ rawr.

K: Hiss. Get away from that Neko, you no good inus. Hiss...

H: Good going, Koneko-Chan. Wait. Isn't that-

K: Raku-Chan?

R: Nya~... nya~.... nya~ nya~ nya nya nya~ nya nya nya~

H: C'mon let's take her back to my humble abood. Er- *Abode.

R: Nya~

K: Hitoshi-San, what are we gonna do with her?

H: I dunno, Koneko-Chan, what *are* we gonna do with her?

K: Hitoshi-San, now's not the time for jokes.

H: uhuhuh. Wait what?

K: Do you think it might have been... The rabies?

Episode 8[]

📣: Ticket Lady


K: Hitoshi-San, we have to spend as much time with Raku-Chan as possible because this might be our only chance before the rabies gets to her.

H: Oh- wha- what'd you say?

K: I got it! We'll take her to the amusement park. Here, Raku-Chan, you can just sit in this mochila for a while.

R: Nya~ Nya~

H: I need two of them tickets, please. 

📣: Will that be children or adults?

H: Adults.

R: Nya~ Nya~ Wha-? I'm a human again! Nya~ Hitoshi-San, Koneko-Chan, I'm not a neko anymore nya~

H+K: Raku-Chan!

R: Oh, you two are the best tomodachis in the whole world. nya~ I could never ask for desu better friends nya~ 

H: Now let's go have some fun. Nya~ rawr.  

H: Oh, I don't feel so good. (throws up) 

R: Hitoshi-San are you okay? nya~

K: ohoho haha Hitoshi-San hahaha.

H: Koneko-Chan, you wound me!

R+H+K: (laugh)

H: You guys... Hey, look! they have a miniature beach. 

K: C'mon Raku-Chan, let's go swim.

R: Oh, Koneko-Chan, I don't have a bathing suit, nya~.

H: Here, Raku-Chan, I got you one.

R: Aw, desu. Arigato, Hitoshi-San. It's so kawaii, nya~.

K: It looks nice on you, Raku-Chan.

H: lookin' good, Raku-Chan. Lookin' good...

R: Ohoho! I got in for free, didn't I? Nya~

H: Two hot nekos for the price of one.

R: Desu~ That was so much fun. 

K: Yeah, that was really fun but it's getting really late.

H: I'll walk you two home.

H: Sayonara.

R: Koneko-Chan, I don't feel so kimochi... nya~ 

K: Don't worry, Raku-Chan, it must be just the after-shock from the rollercoasters. You should be fine tomorrow. Just get some rest. nya~ I'll make you some nice, warm, soothing, herbal green tea

R: Thanks. Thanks, Koneko-Chan. Ohoho! Let's have a kawaii sleepover-chan nya~!

K: That sounds splendid, Raku-Chan.

R: I wonder if the rabies is really gone for good.  

Episode 9[]

K: (yawns) Good morning, Raku-Cha- Oh my kami! You're a neko again nya~ it's not a dream. It's not just a hallucination. 

R: Nya~ Hiss nya~ hiss hiss nya~ hiss

K: Raku-Chan, don't you remember me? I'm your tomodachi, your best tomodachi. I must take her to the vet. It's for the best, Raku-Chan.

H: Top of the morning, Koneko-Chan, Raku-Chan. Where are you two lovely nekos heading on this lovely afternoon? Nya~ rawr.

K: Hitoshi-San, I'm taking her to the vet. she doesn't even remember who watashi is. 

H: Raku-Chan, don't you remember who I am? 

R: hiss 

H: No. I don't think she does. Don't worry, Koneko-Chan, I'll go with you. I'm your good luck charm. 

H: So I was watching American-Television last night, right and it was called "The Nanny" 

K: Hitoshi-San, now really isn't the time for that. Raku-Chan needs our help.

H: It's never the time. I'm sorry, Koneko-Chan, I just wanted something to take my mind off of Raku-Chan's pain. Her pain, it pains me to think about that pain.

K: It harms my heart too, Hitoshi-San. It harms my heart too...

V: Oh you're back again. So what's the problem this time and where's Raku-Chan?

K: This, this is Raku-Chan, Vet-Sama.

V (Voice Over): T S U B A S A . . . .

V: I think I know what we're dealing with here. I must give her a thorough check-up. You can come see her now.

K: I- I hope she's ok nya~

H: Is she asleep?

V: She's sedated at the moment but she'll wake up soon enough. However, I do have some news for you... Raku-Chan has a bakeneko inside of her 

H+K: A neko demon?!

V: However, don't fret, I can help her. Follow me.

K: but what can a vet do to get rid of a demon?

V: Don't worry. I'm not just a vet.

H: Woah! I didn't know you doubled as a shrine maiden. Rawr...

Vet-Sama: I need complete silence for this spell. AAAAAAAAAAAHHEAHAHHAEWEAHAHEWAHAHAHHAHHAHWEHA 

H: Hah! Working hard or hardly working? That was some comedy gold there, huh? eh? 

V: She needs to get some rest.

K: Ah-

H: I'm sorry what did you say?

V: Oh sorry I-I meant she needs to get some rest

H+K: Oh! ok 

K: Raku-Chan, you need your rest.

R: Nya~nya~

K: Raku-Chan!

R: Oh! Koneko-Chan. What happened to me? desu! where- where I've been? Ok nya~

K: you're gonna be just fine and dandy, Raku-Chan. Just- just fine and dandy.

R: I- I don't know what's wrong with me nya~ nya~ desu ah...

Episode 10 (Finale)[]

W = Nya-sempai

X = Pollita-sempai

Y = Arsenal-sempai

Z = Betty-sempai

? = Unknown


R: *whimpering* nya nya nyaa nya nya nyaa nya nyaaa. oh Koneko-Chan, is that you? Hi-Hitoshi-San? Nya.

K: Konnichiwa, Raku-Chan, would you like some Mochi ice cream?

H: mmm Mochi ice cream? I want me some of that. 

R: Oh, it was just a dream nya. oh im really thirsty nya. 

K: wha- What was that sound nya? R-Raku-Chan! Nya! Are you okay? 

K: Oh no the Tsubasas are back... The neko demon is still inside. 

H: I really hope Raku-Chan is okay. *gasp* 

B: I've been waiting for you.

H: No, wait!

H: Is that Koneko-Chan, and Raku-Chan too. I better go see whats up.

K: Hitoshi-San, Raku-Chan is sick. we're trying to get into the Vet but the door is locked.

H: Don't worry, baby. Let the *man* handle this

K: Oh arigato, Hitoshi-San. Anata is real life saver nya.

H: Anything for da ladies. nya~ rawr

K: No. It's empty. Pinche cabrón, it's EMPTY. Nya. No WHY? Nya WHY? nya

H: Well it is 3 AM.

K: You're right, Hitoshi-San. This is no time for a vet to be at work. What was I thinking nya? 

R: Where am I? Desuuu. 

K: Don't worry, Raku-Chan, we're just looking for the vet.

R: Oh, don't worry, Koneko-Chan, I'm fine nya. you don't have to always worry about me nya. all I need is some green tea and then ill be better nya so don't worry. *yawns* Oh! Hitoshi-San desuu

V: Were you nekos here all night?

H: Oh yeah uh sorry about your door.

V: Oh, don't worry about the door. I have door insurance.

K: Raku-Chan, She collapsed again and the tsubasas are back. 

V: I have one more spell that should contain the demons for at least a day. But there are no guarantees after that.

H: Why didn't you just do that last time? 

V: Oh, you know. I was just trying to make an entrance. She's fine for now, but who knows how long this would last? This could be the last day of her life.

K: So, Raku-Chan, what do you want to do?

H: We can do anything you want.

R: Oh I don't care what we do nya. as long as I'm with you two nya.

R: Oh Koneko-Chan, Hitoshi-San, there's going to be a festivaru tonight! ca- can we go nya?

H: Well you know I-

K: Of course we can, Raku-Chan.

R: Arigato desuu. Nya! I'm having so much fun!

K: Yeah, Raku-Chan, this sure is a real blast nya.

H: I'm sorry, nekos but would you look at the time? I've got something really important that i have to do. I'll catch you two later~

R: Demo- Hitoshi-San. nya.

K: You know Hitoshi-San's a very busy man. Let's let him be for a while.

R: Ok. if you say so, Koneko-Chan. Koneko-Chan, watashi so tired nya.

K: I think it's time we head home nya. I can make us some nice, hot, pleasant, comforting, herbal green tea.

R: Oh! I wonder who that could be nya. Oh? My old tomodachis from college, nya!

?: I brought you some desu.

W: Oh college is so kimchi.

W: Oh, Raku-Chan, I heard you were sick on the Facebooks and I just- I jus- I ca- it's so hard!

X: Hola, Raku-Chan, I miss you from the college days.

Y: Hey baby


R: Oh this is so touching desu! Arigato nya

W: awwwww

R: ahaha! not you nya. Arigato for the Jelly nya. It was so good to see Nya-Senpai, Arsenar-Senpai, Berry-Senpai, and Purita-Senpai nya. I wonder where Hitoshi-San is nya.

K: I don't know but I trust it's very very important. but don't worry about that now, Raku-Chan, I have a surprise for you nya.

R: Oh a surprise nya? 

K: That's right, Raku-chan, Ramen with a side of Mochi ice cream. Just the way you like it.

R: Oh arigato, Koneko-chan.

R: Oh I'm really tired. I need some sleep nya.

K: Yes. let's lay down. *yawns

K: I wonder if Raku-Chan's okay. Raku-Chan, it's been over 24 hours. Are you okay?

R: Ah nya I feel great, Koneko-chan!

R: I should tell Hitoshi-San how I really feel. Nya desuu. Koneko-chan, c- can we go to see Hitoshi-San?

R: OH? Hitoshi-San?

H: Hey, you nekos. How you doing?

R: Oh Koneko-Chan, Onegai a bit of privacy nya

K: Of course nya. I'll leave you two alone.

R: Hitoshi-San... aishiteru~

H: Oh. Raku-Chan.

B: Wait up, Hitoshi baby.

R: Nandesuka?! nya!

H: Raku-Chan, he and I are together now. gomenasai. nya~rawr.

R: Haaa... nya.. my- my- Kokoro nya...itai!

K: Raku-Chan!

H: But I. Raku-Chan, I--

R: I hope you and-

H: Oh his name is Bokutachi-san.

K: Oh, I thought his name was Geoff!

B: Where'd you get Geoff from?

R: I hope you and Bokutachi-San are happy together. The neko demon may be gone but my heart cannot go on.

B: Hey!

H: No! Hang in there, baby.

R: Watashi so kimochi that I could spend last day with the two best tomodachis anyone could ever ask for. Haha nyahaha. Sayonara, Koneko-Chan, and Hitoshi-San. ech

V: The only conclusion that I can come up with is that she died of a broken kokoro. 

H: Minnasan, listen to me. Raku-Chan is a trooper. She's a fighter. There's no way she could die of a broken heart. I know deep down inside that Raku-Chan will be back and we'll have our kawaii fun times just like always. I know that I have faith that Raku-Chan will be back someday. Are you with me, good pal? 

K: Hitoshi-San, I think you're just in denial.

B: You killed Raku-Chan with your love for me you dirty, dirty scoundrel, you~.


               C'est fini.