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Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls: Genkaiten is a fan-made action spin-off made by SugoiNinja09 and released on the 11th anniversary of Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls. Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls: Genkaiten stars Hitoshi-san as the main character and is set not too long after Raku-chan's death where Hitoshi needs to fight The Dark Ones, in order to save their city from doom.


Majority of the cast are anonymous, but it can be speculated that the voice acting for characters are done by the creator, SugoiNinja09 themselves.


SugoiNinja09 described in their Youtube channel banner that episodes will come once in a while. They have also announced in the comments section of Episode 3 that they were still finding other voice actors, hence Episode 4 will be slightly delayed.

Plot Summary[]

Episode 1[]

Release Date: April 11th, 2021

It was a rainy night as Koneko-chan mourned over Raku-chan's death at her grave. Hitoshi, after standing at a distance, handed her an umbrella and tried to comfort her. Later on, 3 months passed by, and Hitoshi wakes up one morning to his phone ringing; he looked out of the window and saw a gray cat that resembles Raku in her cat form. Suddenly, multiple black figures surrounded the cat and Hitoshi broke through the window to save it but was attacked by the black figures and ultimately, defeated by them. He was later seen lying on the floor in front of a dojo as another unknown figure approached him.

Episode 2[]

Release Date: April 12th, 2021

Hitoshi wakes up in the dojo, confused, as Sensei-sama offered him to drink some green tea, but was rejected. Sensei-sama questioned him about his injuries and Hitoshi told him about his fight with the black figures. Sensei-sama was alarmed by this and explained that the black figures he encountered were The Dark Ones, and they will increase in strength every ten years; he was worried that they might have reached their full potential and cause more mayhem by attacking random people. He asked Hitoshi for his name and started bringing him to trainings to learn to fend off The Dark Ones. After multiple trainings, Sensei-sama gave him The Sugoi Scroll, whose purpose has not been explained. Later on, they saw on the news that The Dark Ones have been attacking their city and Sensei-sama told Hitoshi to put his training to use to defend the city against them.

Episode 3[]

Release Date: April 10th, 2022

Hitoshi-san and Sensei-sama arrived at the city, but Hitoshi was hesitating as he was afraid that they would be injured like him previously; Sensei-sama just ignored his hesitation and engaged in a fight with The Dark Ones. After many close calls in the fight, they managed to temporarily save the city from The Dark Ones' destruction. Sensei-sama asked Hitoshi whether he was alright, and Hitoshi told him about himself thinking of being at fault for Raku-chan's passing and has since never talked to anyone, in fear that they hated him. Sensei-sama advised Hitoshi to tell them about his feelings and Hitoshi decided to call an old friend of his. Sensei-sama decided to bring him to have some Mochi Ice-cream but someone else was staring at them from a distance.