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[This article contains spoilers for Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls and Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls: Mayonaka. VIEWER BEWARE!]

Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls: Mayonaka is an completed fan-made sequel series by ShonenJump94 that takes place three years after the events of Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls.

The episodes, just like the original series, are uploaded to YouTube, and updates about are posted on his Tumblr blog. (see Links section).


Main Cast[]

Koneko-chan and Hitoshi-san are voiced by Miwa Kaneko.

Nurse-sama is voiced by Speeches-N-Scream in Episodes 1 and 2, and later on is voiced by Terra in Episode 3.

Raku-chan is voiced by Terra.

The Mysterious Man is voiced by ChriscoesKnows.

Kami-sama is voiced by TheHiddenVA.

Additional Cast[]

The two thugs in Episode 2 are voiced by TheHiddenVA and Japaria.


Episode 1[]

Release Date: January 13th, 2019

The episode begins with Hitoshi-san, who at first blames himself and his relationship with Bokutachi-san for Raku's death, and Vet-sama, who is now mentioned as Nurse-sama, standing in front of Raku's grave while Koneko converses with Dolce-chan. Hitoshi begs to learn how to use the powers that Nurse uses. Once Dolce and Nurse leave, Koneko walks up to Hitoshi, and tries to cheer him up. Hitoshi then states that it was all Bokutachi's fault, and that without him Raku-chan would still be alive. Koneko, worried by this statement, holds Hitoshi's hand, hoping that he doesn't make any bad decisions.

Three years have passed since Raku-chan's death. Koneko-chan is sent to Hitoshi's home. Hitoshi appears on the porch wearing a blue robe and a scar on his face, and asks how she found him. Koneko explains that it was Nurse who found him and that she was searching for him since he left. Hitoshi then gives Koneko a scroll, stating that if that's what she wants, she can have it, and that he has no use for it anymore. Koneko takes the scroll, and pleads Hitoshi to come back. Hitoshi refuses the offer, and tells Koneko to never come back.

Koneko returns to Nurse's training room and gives her the scroll and bad news. Nurse then explains that Hitoshi is just troubled and that he would never abandon the people he cares about. Koneko asks Nurse what's in the scroll, and she tells her everything about the strange logographic symbols, including the red ones, which are teachings of forbidden jujitsu. Nurse then asks Koneko for help on a patient: an injured cat.

After the surgery, Nurse thanks Koneko and advises that she goes home. As Koneko walks home, she passes by the Mochi Ice Center, which was the go-to place for all of Raku and Koneko's needs. Then she arrives at home, shuts the light off, goes to bed, and pretends that she's talking to Raku before finally falling asleep.

Later that night, a mysterious man in a black cloak walks up to Raku's grave, thus ending the episode.

Episode 2[]

Release Date: July 15th, 2019

It's just another day in the life of Koneko without Raku. She goes to the store to get tea, but before she could reach up to tea, she hear someone screaming. She runs outside to see a cat walking across the rooftops. Koneko chases the cat as it jumps from building to building, and bumps into two thugs along the way. The cat then falls off from the edge of the building, but is saved by Koneko.

Later that day, Koneko goes to visit Nurse, but gets confronted and threatened by the two thugs on the way. Then, Nurse appears and threatens to hurt the thugs if they don't leave. One of the thugs refuses and runs up to her with a metal rod in his hand, only to get punched in the ribs. The other thug runs away in fear after being threatened by Nurse.

After that, Koneko pours a cup of herbal green tea for Nurse as she reads the newspaper. When Nurse turns the page, an article catches their eye: apparently a grave robbery happened last night. They went to the graveyard to see that it was Raku whose body was stolen from the grave. Koneko was angered by this, and also got bad feelings just like the ones she had when she at Hitoshi's place yesterday.

They then decide to visit Hitoshi with the grave robbery in mind. After knocking on the door several times, Koneko asks Nurse for help. Nurse then knocks the door down, and they both enter the house to see that it is empty. They look through the house to find a bunch of random things on the floor, and a journal in a room that has entries that reveal that he was trying to contact the dead. Nurse walks away from the journal and sees two pictures of Bokutachi crossed out with an X--one of them with the words "He'll PAY"--and a picture of a building with a circle around it and the words "Nyandesu Street April 9".

The scene switches to a red glow coming from a cave in the nighttime, and a familiar silhouette runs out of it. Koneko hears someone, presumable the familiar figure seen earlier, knocking on the door. She opens it to see Raku in front of her very eyes. It wasn't a ghost, it wasn't a dream, it was the real deal Raku-chan. And that's how the episode ends.

Christmas Special[]

Release Date: December 19th, 2019

The Christmas Special is just an edited version of Episode 2. The following is a list of every change made in the video:

  1. The opening was cut out for reasons unknown.
  2. Four snowmen are seen in the corners of the video frame and they stay there throughout the entire video.
  3. A snow overlay plays on loop throughout the entire video especially in indoor shots.
  4. Everyone is wearing Santa hats. Except for the cat.
  5. The music is completely replaced with a rendition of Jingle Bells where instead of people singing it, it's a dog barking and the barking is repeated so that every note in the is a bark, and each bark is modified so that the dog seems to be singing it.

Episode 3[]

Release Date: May 11th, 2020

This episode is a continuation of Episode 2.

Raku starts breaking in tears, knowing that she is back with her best tomodachi, Koneko. She hugs Koneko and tells her how happy she is to be back with her. Koneko then starts crying and hugs Raku back. Later, Koneko asks Raku what happened before she came here. She said that she remembered being confessing her love to Hitoshi-san, and that she felt a pain in her heart that put her in an eternal slumber. (I would like to point out that she was dead as stated in Episode 10 of the original Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls series).

She also recalled that she woke up to see a red light surrounding her, and that she couldn't see anything after that other than glowing red eyes, which were possibly the eyes of the mysterious man, and that a hand, possibly that of the mysterious man, attempted to grab her, and that she escaped before the person, quite possibly the mysterious man, did anything bad to her.

After hearing all of this, Koneko starts to feel bad for Raku, and suggests that she should go to bed.

Later that night, Raku has a dream where she appears in a black void, with a spotlight shining on her, and a puddle with water falling onto it just three feet away from her. She goes to look at a puddle, and suddenly a hand appears from the the puddle, which scares Raku away. Instead of falling on the ground and landing on her butt, she falls from a great height and lands on her back. She gets up to see Hitoshi in his original outfit standing above her. He reaches his hand out to her, and tells her in a strange voice that "it is time". Koneko, in her original outfit, joins Hitoshi and tells Raku that "it is time" in a strange voice as well. Raku-chan is confused by this, and asks them what they mean when they say that. Their only response is that "it is time". Suddenly, they start melting as they chant "it is time" repeatedly, which scares Raku. Then, Kami-sama appears and tells Raku that "she has unleashed her true self" and that "her time is near" and then demands her to awaken from the dream. She does just that, and finds herself in the guest room that Koneko brought her to.

She goes into the kitchen to tell Koneko that she had the dream, and Koneko decides to take her to Nurse. Koneko tells Nurse about Raku coming back from the dead, and they take her to the examination room. Nurse then uses her powers to see if the bakeneko inside of Raku. It was. Nurse then explains how the spells only strengthened the demon (which is disappointing since the spells were supposed to get rid of it), that she can't cast another spell on Raku she doesn't want to hurt her, and that she will find another way to get rid of the demon for good. Nurse then suggests that they go to the amusement park so that Raku doesn't worry a lot about her troubles.

After a while of having fun at the amusement park, Raku states that she is hungry. Koneko then decides to go get ice cream for everyone. Raku then takes this time to ask Nurse about the whereabouts of Hitoshi. Nurse lies about his whereabouts, claiming that he's been very busy and that he will hopefully be back soon. Raku is disappointed at this, and Nurse tells her to cheer up. Then, Koneko walks up holding three herbal green ice cream cones, two in her hands, and one with her tail.

That night, Koneko sneaks out of the house to confront Hitoshi with Nurse at the Kawaii Sugoi Resort-chan on Nyandesu Street, where Bokutachi-san's Yaoi Extraordinaire is being held. Nurse tells Hitoshi that she knows what he's going to do, in which he responds by saying that she'll understand why he's doing what he's doing. That's when Koneko comes along and tells him that he doesn't have to do this, and that he won't do it because she and Nurse are here to stop her. Then Hitoshi goes on about how Bokutachi ruined everyone's life and that justice will be served. This is where the fight begins.

First, Hitoshi throws himself toward Nurse and tries to punch her. She blocks the punch, which sends them both flying across the street. Then, Hitoshi starts throwing several punches and kicks at Nurse, who is deflecting all of it. She then dodges one of Hitoshi's punches, and tries to kick him. Hitoshi, however, grabs her leg and trips her over so that she falls to the ground.

This scene is probably one of the smoothest animation sequences in NNSG history, too. The second being the moment that Raku-chan dies in Episode 10 of the original series.

Anyways, as Hitoshi is about to throw the final punch, but is interrupted by a very worried Raku. This worries everyone because Raku just witnessed Hitoshi nearly killing Nurse, and no one was able to explain why he was doing it, which is why Hitoshi runs away.

Meanwhile, somewhere in an ancient temple, a man, who happens to be the mysterious man, apologizes to his god (quite possibly Kami-sama) about failing his mission and that he will make up for it. That is how the episode ends.

Episode 4[]

Release Date: Oct 31, 2020

No information given.

Episode 5[]

Release Date: Nov 15, 2020

No information given.

Episode 6[]

Release Date: Nov 29, 2020

No information given.

Episode 7[]

Release Date: Mar 20, 2022

No information given.

Episode 8[]

Release Date: April 2, 2022

No information given.

Episode 9 (Finale)[]

Release Date: April 9, 2022

No information given.


  • NNSG: Mayonaka is one of the few projects that made it past the announcement. The other project is Koneko-chan: Homecoming by user SalvarricCherry.
  • The opening and ending sequences for NNSG: Mayonaka change in Episode 3, where Raku-chan is there and the mysterious man isn't.