Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls Wiki

SoapOpera46 (also known as Nyanyandesu and Yoli-chan) is the creator of Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls. She uses a lot of Japanese words and emojis in her speech.


Her age is stated as 21 in her YouTube description, but it is listed as 30 on her DeviantArt page. She created her YouTube channel on February 21st, 2008 and has been on DeviantArt since July 31st, 2014. Her location is listed as "tokyo japan!", though fans speculate this may be false.

She posted her most recent YouTube video, KAWAII 22/2!!!!!, on February 23rd, 2022. She continues to be active on both YouTube and DeviantArt, posting new art every year on Pocky Day (November 11th) and Neko Day (February 22nd), with other holidays such as Christmas occasionally accounted for. She additionally uploads fan creations, like the Chobits Opening Fandub【ft. Yoli-chan】 in March of 2022.



  • Her birthday is listed as August 18, 1989 on her DeviantArt page.
  • Her favourite genre of music is listed as 'Japanese'.
  • Her personal quote is listed as 「私のおっぱい痛い!!」(Watashi no oppai itai! ! / My breasts hurt! ! ).
  • Her favourite cartoon character is listed as Raku-chan.
  • Her favourite art style is listed as 'anime!'.
  • Her shell of choice is listed as 'um... clam?'.