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"i need complete silence for this spell"

Vet-Sama is a supporting character in Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls; she currently works as a Veterinarian. Vet-Sama makes her debut in episode 5, while Raku visits the vet after being affected by rabies. She has a very loud voice; another character shares a similar voice with her.


Vet-sama in her shrine maiden form

Vet-sama is a woman with fair skin and ties up her blonde hair in a short ponytail. She has blue eyes, and wears red lipstick. Her outfit consists of, a suggestive short-sleeved pastel pink vet outfit that shows her cleavage, a vet cap of the same color as her vet outfit, a stethoscope on her neck, and glasses. Her panties can be seen to be lavender in color.

In her shrine maiden form, she wears a white kosode on her upper body, which is a white robe, and with red collars around the neck and sleeves. Instead of the scarlet hakama that traditional shrine maidens wear, she wears a white knee-length hakama, which covers the lower part of her body. She also has a scarlet ribbon tied at the back of her waist.


Vet-sama revealed her second from as a shrine maiden in Episode 9 in order to cure Raku-chan, saying she was "not just a vet".



  • Her hair color in the series sometimes changes from blonde to orange.
  • The voice actor of Vet-sama also seems to put their mic very close to their mouth, which results in the voice acting to be extremely loud and unclear at times. The breathing of the voice actor can be also heard because of this.
  • In Episode 10, in one of Vet-sama's lines, you can hear Vet-sama's voice actor accidentally dropping their mic and say, "Oh, no!".